Monday, December 25, 2006

It Does Get Easier

At least, it seems to have been easier to do some things today. I redid the concept for one of those cover illustrations I posted earlier, did a bit of editing on another, and then did the set for episode four. Here's the back, with boobie protection:

Here I will take the opportunity to explain two things: Why do I have boobie protection, and why do I need it in the first place (i.e. why is she nekked)?

The reason I cover up breasts is because I'm a little worried that I might run afoul of photobucket's terms of service. I'm only a little worried. I expect illustrations are given a bit of leeway, and I expect far more provocative stuff is left untouched on the service, but still, somebody might complain and then it would be an enourmous pain to put all my pictures somewhere else. (Funny thing is, I'm not worried about, um, between the legs, because I'm not drawing with any detail there. If I was drawing a male figure, and decided to go all out, I might need some crotch protection, too.)

Now, why is she naked? No, she's not going to be naked in the final picture. I would be lying if I denied that there is a certain... frisson in drawing ladies with no clothes on, but really that's just something to keep me interested. I draw figures naked first so that I can be (relatively) sure the anatomy is correct before I cover it with clothes. The best judge I have available of whether a figure is correct or not is my own eye. My eye is better at confirming than my hand or mind is at coming up with things in the first place, and so I spend a lot of time scribbling and re-scribbling while I try to find something that looks right.

Speaking of looking right, I'm not 100% happy with that picture at the moment. Something about her arms and hands, I think. Probably I'll see it next time I look at it.

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