Monday, January 15, 2007

Another Learning Experience

After much, much redrawing, and one totally abortive attempt at painting, here is that boring old picture partially painted. This is probably as good as you're going to get out of me right now. I hope it isn't as good as I ever do.

It seems that I need to pick colors I think roughly represent the real colors, and then mix those to produce intermediate shades, usually on the canvas itself. And sometimes I just need to ignore the real colors altogether. Otherwise, if I try to pick colors for every major tone I see, I get stuff which is just awful.


Tim Akers said...

"A Moment of Clarity"

colin said...

Hmm... enigmatic.

Thanks for dropping by. Is that a suggested title? I'd probably go with something like "You Need to Fix That Mouth" or "So, When Are You Going to Finish It?"

Tim Akers said...

The one where her whole figure is blurry (I know, because you've only roughed it in) but her face is crystal just made me think Ah, she's having a moment of clarity.

And I'm here everyday, punk. I just don't usually have anything to contribute.