Friday, January 26, 2007

Somebody Help This Man

I'm still dissatisfied with the things I try to color, at least in the comic-book style. I'm also getting that indecision thing going again. I started out those comic-book covers wanting to do something like Middleton (Pfft! Hahahaha!) now I'm staring at Alex Ross' and Adam Hughes' sites (Ahhaha! Stop, you're killing me!). What I end up with, of course, is flat, messy, drunk-monkey-with-a-stylus colin-style. Double meh.

I'm doing better with the painting side, I think. Maybe that's just the optimism thing again.

I figure I have to keep plugging at it, like I did with figure drawing and anatomy, until I see some kind of improvement, maybe in a year or two. Anyone have any book or web-site recommendations?

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