Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Magic of Layers

Sometimes, Photoshop can be really damn useful, and sometimes, it's probably too useful.

Here's that last picture, that I'm in the process of ruining. First, just one layer, which I have named, in a fit of originality, "Face Pencils." (It's not really pencils, of course, but that's how I label the scribbly roughs.)

Ok, but I want to try and connect the picture to the story, so, show us your hands...

Hmm. Have I mentioned that hands give me lots of trouble? I think I have.

Anyway, I think this actually helps the composition a bit. Maybe the hands help keep the eye from slipping off the bottom of the page, and the angle between the arms points back up towards the face. Or maybe not... I'm not so good at these things.

Still, I drew the hands like that for a reason: more connections with the story. In the story, she is tied, or actually taped. No matter how many times I tried to draw tape, especially tape in the process of being ripped apart, I could not get it to work. After a while I just gave up and drew a rope.

Ah, but now all that complication at the bottom draws the eye down too much, and besides that, the rope looks like crap. The layers are helping me fool around with ideas, but maybe I would have done better to do the whole image on one layer and avoid trying to match props and hand positions after the fact.

I'll stare at these three for a day or two and decide what to do.

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