Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More of the Same

Yes, I know, yet another picture of some model sitting around (and fully-clothed, no less). Yawn. Well, see, I'm trying to get used to the Artrage tools, the pencil mainly.

What I'm finding is that although the tool is pretty good for rendering it is hard to get good, sharp detail. This may be because of the way I'm avoiding using zoom at all with Artrage as well as the way the software forces me to use a thick pencil to get dark lines (just like the real world, I guess). The result is soft, lacking detail, and generally reminds me of the kind of thing most amateurs seem to produce at some point, and many seem never to go beyond-- a sort of almost good but bland style lacking any real edge or appeal, suitable for drawing loving portraits of pets. In other words, the mark of an artist going nowhere fast.

But! I am relentlessly optimistic! Let's not forget that. I figure that I'm getting used to these tools now. Soon I'll be back to producing stuff which, even if it isn't good, at least has some personality, and the new tools will, sooner or later, bend to my will.

Edit: About her right eye (our left). It doesn't look so bad full size, but I really should apologize to the model for making her look cockeyed. I ran out of time... or something. (And her arm is too big, too...)

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