Sunday, March 04, 2007

Comic Book Whatsits

First, a blatant imitation of a picture by Ryan Sook. All the good bits are his.

Second, a picture influenced by the first, obviously, but more just fooling around.

There are at least some new (or new-ish) directions opening up here, or perhaps they're old directions I'm rediscovering. Drawing in a comic book style makes me try to break down the picture into simple values, black or white. The pencil gives more flexibility, but trying to make it simple makes for stronger pictures, even if the shapes are still a bit... off.


Splitcoil said...

Hey, that's cool. Expressions not found in catalogs. Necessary for breaking out on the art scene, probably.

I kid, of course. My stick men all have the same round expression.

colin said...

No, really, I was looking to draw something other than a boring catalog model again. I should have tried to get out of that rut earlier.

Now, mind you, I get less pleased with these pictures every time I see them, so I'd better draw something else soon.