Monday, April 16, 2007






Marshdrifter said...

Oh dear. I hope this was good.



Colin Peters said...

I wouldn't worry too much. I doubt anyone will actually comment, and if they do, all the better.

Marshdrifter said...

True. All comments are welcome, even if they don't agree.

I was more worried that you were complaining. ;)

Colin Peters said...

Ah. To translate that paragraph: "An American friend of mine is also studying Japanese, and from time to time he writes a blog in Japanese. I think he would be happy to have pointers or advice from native Japanese speakers. [Actually, on second reading I think I messed that sentence up and said something like "native Japanese people".] I am trying to point out mistakes, but the chances that I'm teaching him strange Japanese (no, completely wrong Japanese) are... large. (It sounds like work and maybe you will say you don't like the idea, but maybe there are some people interested in archeology who will find it interesting. Anyway, I'm giving it a mention. [lit. "I advertise it."])"