Friday, April 20, 2007


I like to make lists, sometimes, so I don't forget stuff. Of course, I never make lists of important stuff. That would be too organized.

Lessee... um...

  • Art

    • Dragon magazine cover homage (Silly fun)

    • New year's painting thingy (Practice, and relaxation)

    • Artwork for Ran's Daughter (Self-indulgent "work")

    • Illo for Tim's story (He asked for it, so it shall be done)

    • Cover series for Sweet Moonlight (More self-indulgent "work")

    • William Gibson vs. William Burroughs (Probably forgotten, but I still think about it sometimes)

  • Writing

    • Ran's Daughter (Current baby)

    • What Sleeps (Still bubbling)

    • Pod (Want to resurrect and finish)

    • Miracle Kingdom (Want to resurrect and finish)

    • Chromatic (Interesting idea, might go somewhere, and might not)

  • Crits

    • A script from a friend. (Damn, I have to get that done.)

Can you say "guy who takes on too much and never manages to finish anything?" I knew you could.

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