Sunday, April 15, 2007

Page one, Final?

This is probably it. Right now, this is what I expect it will look like, which is not exactly your standard web comic look. I want the story to be somewhat serious, and feature realistic characters, so I'm trying to make the pictures and the mood realistic. And the sketchy look is partially my lack of skill (and patience) and partially because I thought it might be an interesting and appropriate look for the story.

So, should I start posting it? Currently we're looking at more like a panel every two weeks than a panel every two nights, but maybe I'll get faster with practice.


Tim Akers said...

I think you'll need to have a couple panels in place before you introduce it to readers. But it's very nice.

Colin Peters said...

I was thinking something like that myself. I may try to finish the whole intro/prelude thing before I start, and try to break things down on scene boundaries.

Splitcoil said...

Good Baby Jesus, that looks good, colin. Start stringing pages together, man.