Monday, August 06, 2007

Technical Difficulties

Over the past two weeks I have been on vacation. Also, just before I went on vacation, my desktop computer (which is attached to the scanner and is my photoshop machine) suffered a video card meltdown. I have brought it back to struggling status, but it's not really usable at this time. Photoshop won't run, and the resolution is stuck at 640x480 with 4-bit(!) color. Ahh, takes me back. Also makes it impossible to crop or resize my scans.

That explains why this scan is so badly done.

Anyway, on the left, a scallop shell I picked up on the beach, which actually had these really nice purple marks on it. The sketch is a poor imitation indeed.

On the right, row-houses, which is a fairly typical thing to draw, given where I was.

Both were useful exercises, or so I thought at the time.


Tim Akers said...

I'm a sucker for row houses.

colin said...

Well, St. John's is nice if you like row houses. The entire downtown (which is not all that big), is more or less completely row houses, running up and down and over these insanely steep hills. Very picturesque, which probably explains why, upon entering any souvenir shop in town you will be presented with thousands and thousands of pictures of goddamn row houses. Still, I tried to forget how unoriginal I was being and just draw a picture. Came out OK.