Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Now You've Done It

Have I finally driven everyone away with endless fiddling on this same picture? Well, everyone was about six people, but six people I like. Oh well.

I keep coming back to this picture because, at some level, I like it. I like the image I have in my head, anyway, and this is frustratingly close. And of course, I keep looking at it and thinking, just let me fix that, that doesn't look right, needs a tweak there, oh, now that's gone and f**ked it.

So, after spending hours playing with coloring, I went back and tweaked the line art in what seemed like fairly radical ways, only to end up with exactly the same picture. Either this means the picture I started with was fine, or I can't do any better anyway. Of course actually it has changed, just enough to make the old colors partially useless. So, an opportunity to retry some of the color options from scratch. Yay.


Tim Akers said...

Well, I mean, I'm still here. But all I can do is look at the pictures and go "oooo. pretty picture. pretty!"

So that might not be helpful.

colin said...

No, that's helpful. When someone comes along and says "oooo, pretty picture," that feels pretty good.

Actually, I could go on about that, but maybe I'll do it in a blog post instead.

Marshdrifter said...


I'm just waiting for the finished product.