Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Why Not Take A Photo?

(The cropped version is at the full working size for this picture, if you click through. I personally like that level, where you can see the brush strokes. YMMV.)

Why go through the effort of rendering a photo as a painting? (Especially a digital painting? Let's not go there today.) Well, aside from the pleasure of finding out that, yes, I can still do that, there are choices made by the hand and eye that are not made by a camera. I think the appeal of realistic art at least partially lies in the fact that each aspect of a painting, each reflection, highlight and shadow, had to be noticed. The artist has to go through the picture and sort out, at least subconsciously, how to place blobs of pigment to regenerate the picture. The picture is (if you're lucky) brought to some sense of the essence of how it is seen. Not simply reproduction, but concentration.

Or maybe I'm just making excuses to draw pictures of pretty ladies. I'm probably not the first one.

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