Monday, December 03, 2007

Not Sharp

Mainly a memo to self.

There are two (solvable) problems with her hair. The first is the sharp edge with her face. I think that needs to be broken up a bit. Maybe some skin visible behind the hair strands, or maybe breaking the straightness of the edge. Pull back and darken the lower of the parts along the edge of her face?

The second is the area to the right of that, which is too light and uniform. Maybe that should be darkened, with a bit more saturation, and with a bit more variety in shading.

The unsolvable problems are a bit of stiffness in the way her hair falls, especially on the right, over her chest, and the way the hair is stuck in semi-uniform clumps/bands with too little variety. I should have mixed it up a bit more in terms of laying that out. I think this comes down to timidity.

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