Friday, May 23, 2008

Trouble with Hands

In the last picture, the hand on the right has some nice dynamics going on, mostly due to happy accidents. I think I managed to mess most of that up here. On the other hand, the form is a bit better, now. The problems with the last version were that the hand was chunky and had fat fingers, making it seem somewhat masculine. Also, the colors seem off in relationship with the rest of the picture, which makes it almost look like it's someone else's hand.

The color problem is not entirely solved here. Possibly I won't manage to solve it. The shape of the fingers is a bit better, I think, but the index finger is too long to the first knuckle. Hands, like faces, need to be very carefully proportioned. (This has always been a problem of mine, since I'm generally either too careful-- too stiff, that is-- or not careful enough.)

Anyway, on with the practice, and hopefully progress.

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