Sunday, July 06, 2008

Going About It All The Wrong Way

Sometimes I manage to work all over from loose to detailed. I honestly think that's a good way to do things. However, this picture has not been cooperating. So, for now, I'm just working out from the middle. Whatever it takes, I guess.

Here's a closer look at the middle.

As always, looking at my own pictures is a happy-sad experience. (Edit for clarification: Happy I'm making any progress at all. Happy I've got something that maybe doesn't suck horribly. Sad that it isn't better, that it's never quite what I wanted.)

Today on the intarweb I read two comments about becoming a better artist (in the context of comic books, but they're general comments). One was "never be satisfied with your own work." Well, great, I've got that one down, pretty much. Never satisfied, no. Finished, on occasion, but never satisfied.

The other comment was that everyone has a thousand pages of crap they have to get through before they start producing something good. Hmm. About 998 pages to go, I think. :-/

1 comment:

Tim Akers said...

I think "never be satisfied" is true for any art form. At least, that's what I tell myself.