Sunday, August 03, 2008

Done II

The idea was to leave the first draft for a month or so, then edit it, then send to first readers (if I can get anyone to read the beast). However, I said to myself, "I'll just read it once through and check for errors." So, I edited. Oh well. It turned into 56185 words. I take the length increasing slightly as a sign that I really do need to leave this for a while or I won't be able to edit it properly.

On the other hand, I don't know if I have ever edited anything properly, as I have a tendency to trim down existing sentences but then add new phrases, sentences and entire paragraphs elsewhere. I try to cut 10-20%, but I think I end up adding a few percent most of the time.

I'm now turning back to art for a while, though. I hope to finish that Sweet Moonlight cover I was working on, and do some test comic book pages, and start in seriously on another cover project. Maybe, somewhere in there, find the discipline to finish another picture I started last year.

That should take me well into next spring.

Three figures stood surrounded by darkness. It was a thick, textured dark, a soft, black fabric filling the air. Their flashlights pricked bright holes in it. The lights passed slowly over smooth concrete floors and walls, blackened with ash. They passed over the twisted metal frames of long tables, flickered across brushed steel cabinets, tongues of melted plastic drooping from their open doors. The three walked through it, picking their way carefully. There was nothing but more of the same burnt ruin.

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Tim Akers said...

You know I'm available, soon as I get my revisions...