Sunday, September 21, 2008


This one is actually turning out pretty well, I think. I particularly like how those bracelets turned out. (At least for now. We'll see how I feel in the morning.)

If I may be allowed a moment here, this is approaching, a bit, what I wanted when I started working on this. By "this" I mean digital painting. Look at those bracelets, and the hair, and her chest (no, no, really, this is Art). I think what I didn't like about a lot of digital painting was the way nobody seemed willing to stop. Those areas I pointed out are pretty chunky if you look at the larger size. Some artists would go on, smoothing things out, adding detail, but I think that deadens the thing. I want to keep those big, visible brushstrokes, because they give it vitality, and that's what I think is missing in some Photoshop Art. I may go a little further, and fix a few things with the hair, but basically I'm pretty much finished on those parts.

Maybe I'm crazy. There's still lots of room for improvement, of course, and lots of people do great digital art without overworking it. Anyway, back to the grind, after some sleep.


Fashionpolice said...

She would look far sexier if you raise the hem of her skirt (about 2 inches if she were real)

That skirt length is flattering on no one. :-)

colin said...

Hmm. Maybe I made her legs too short. Or possibly you have a disagreement with the stylist. ;-)

Now that you mention it, it does look a bit odd. I must have been too excited about getting some things right to have noticed the things I was getting wrong.

Tim Akers said...

That's an interesting philosophy of digital painting. Something I've never really thought about, but I see your point.

colin said...

The pictures that I find really appealing almost always hit that sweet spot of loose, bold strokes coupled with solid draftsmanship. That's what I'm after. One of the things I'm after.

It's not really a matter of digital or not, but digital makes it so easy, so tempting to push the very fine details and the smoothness. You end up with pictures that are astoundingly detailed, but somehow flat.

On the other hand, I do want to push this picture a little further in some places. The hair is not quite as close to finished as I thought last night. No doubt, a few weeks from now, I will look back at the picture and wonder why I was so happy with it (like I do with this one now). Actually, I hope so. That might mean I'm still improving.