Sunday, September 21, 2008


Or, What's So Great About Comics

Second in a Series: Completions, at Design Observer.

the series, when shown on a single surface, carries with it a kind of implicit satisfaction that a series disseminated over time does not.

The first thing that struck me when I read this, after the satisfaction of, "Hmm, yes, she's right," was, "She's talking about comics." Except she isn't. She talks about Warhol, and repetition in grids, but she never mentions comics. I don't know why. It seems an obvious connection to make. Maybe it just didn't fit well into her thesis.

Why does a comic book feel different from a book with words describing the same action, but also have a different (and sometimes stronger) appeal than a moving image, animation or live action, that portrays the same scenes and images? It's the satisfaction of the series, grouped together, progression visible on the page. And it suggests why, even with animation, movies and books, there are still reasons to write and draw comics.

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