Friday, September 12, 2008

No Boobies Allowed

I can't say I blame them, but Photobucket removed one of my pics recently, because it had boobies in it. One of those rare didn't-cover-them-up moments, but it was about as titillating as a naked Barbie™ doll. Still, I'm not going to blame them. It's their policy.

The thing I wondered, though, was what triggered it. The picture itself had no keywords or title attached to it, except a number, and had been up for almost a year. Does someone have a job of going through everything for violations? Do they Google™ for pictures associated with "naked lady" served by them? Is it a random sampling thing? Do they look at every single goddamn picture eventually? Well, I hope they enjoyed some of the other ones, anyway.

The picture was in this post, by the way.

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