Monday, October 27, 2008


Well, last week (and the week before, actually) was quite unpleasantly busy. Almost nothing got done except "real" work, and where's the fun in that? Then I had that cold knock me down in the middle of the week. Anyway, last night I finally got a bit of doodle time in.

I'd pretty much given up on that model picture, it was just screaming FAIL at me. Still does, a bit, but I decided to play around with it a bit more. Results here. Not much difference, of course, since I didn't have much time. I think I succeeded in screwing up her hand, though.

I hope I can get back into a rhythm, because I'm falling behind on the stuff I want to do (aside from that picture-of-FAIL). Maybe tonight... (always the optimist.)


Tim Akers said...

I sent people to your site in Calgary, son. Just saying. ;-P

colin said...

Argh! Must update! But stupidly busy! Stupid job, paying to put food on my children!

colin said...

And thank you, too.

Tim Akers said...

I wouldn't bust a nut. There are pages and pages of things for people to go through. And I probably mis-spelled the site name, because, uh. I might have been drinking.