Sunday, June 10, 2012


I Don't know how well this will turn out. Since that last picture was posted I had a bit of computer trouble. Well, a bit of computer no longer working and needed to be replaced kind of computer trouble, but anyway, now I have a shiny new one. But my old software does not work on it.

While I hem and haw about what to spend money on, here is a brief sketch done in (obviously) the demo version of ArtRage Studio Pro. I used the old (free?) demo version on the old computer, although not a lot. It works a lot like real paper and pencil (or paint, depending on the tool), which is nice in some ways, but triggers my fear of the failed line. It also isn't what I would use to produce a final piece (unless I wanted it to look like something I'd drawn on a sheet of paper, more or less).

Still, tempted to shell out the money and get the full version. After all, it's only sixty bucks. I'm also tempted by Corel Painter 12, and that costs, like, six hundred dollars.

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