Monday, June 11, 2007


Not 24 Karat, 24 thousand words. It has been a bit more than half a month since I last talked about this, and I seem to be keeping up my lethargic pace.

The story is progressing, but I'm not at all happy with the last few thousand words. This whole section will need a rewrite, probably several. There's too much bumbling around jumping off buildings and onto moving cars. Characters express no character. The set pieces don't flow, and the rhythm is non-existent. Very frustrating, but I think it's better to push on. If I can get to the end, then I'll have something to work with. I hope.


Tim Akers said...

The end mark is fast approaching! And don't underestimate the value of jumping off buildings, especially if there's an "onto moving cars" tacked on at the end. But yes, push through. And then send me a copy. Do it!

colin said...

Yes, well, I'll have to send it to you when it's "done," but I hope it will be vastly improved before then. Because right now... bleah.

The second-to-last section I wrote (with the buildings and the cars) was supposed to be fairly cinematic, when I started. The way it turned out, though, I ended up writing about the motions, the jumping around, and never really making it that exciting. I hate it when that happens.

It may have been a subconscious reaction to my disappointment that lead to me making the protagonist kneecap someone with a pipe in the next scene.

Tim Akers said...

I'm at 21k, btw. Slowed down a little, but still moving forward.

And honestly? I'd prefer to see the raw, untreated text on page. That's just how I work.

colin said...

Ah, when I say "done" I mean "first show-to-other-people draft done," which is probably the first or second complete revision of the real first draft. I've been under the impression that that is pretty standard.