Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Song of the Moment

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra (Guest Vocals: Ito Fumio) - A Pride of Lions

(Thanks Hasa)


Tim Akers said...

That's brilliant stuff. An unexpected joy to start my morning. Thanks.

Michael Kiefte said...

Annoying for about the first 20 seconds and then it begins to catch. By the end of it, I liked it. There's something off about his voice, but it grows on you.

colin said...

Hey Michael! Nice to see you.

You do have to wait for the horns to start, but after that it's greatness, and I don't really mind the beginning. Something about this song really works for me.

mkiefte said...

Just listened to it over headphones -- even better. I can never remember the name of the band for some reason so I keep coming back here. The musicians are fantastic. Sent the link to KJ. She's the audiophile in the family.

I quite like the art too. It seems your doing two dissociated activities. When's the graphic novel coming out?

colin said...

I would have thought "Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra" was a fairly memorable name. ;-) I'm going to look for this album next time I'm in Japan, I think, or maybe even purchase it over the internet. YouTube marketing works!

Thanks about the art. I'm doing lots of different things, but most of them go nowhere fast. As for when the graphic novel is coming out: "Argh!" [dunks head in a bucket of ice water]