Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ill Advised Posting

(I thought I wasn't going to talk about this. I guess I was wrong.)

So, the police officer who shot Michael Brown six times, was just doing his job, and almost half of white Americans think race is getting too much attention in the case. People are "playing the race card"? "Lawlessness knows no color"? What?

Even if Brown was shoplifting (which is not all that clear) or jaywalking, the penalty for these crimes is not death in the US, last I checked. The penalty for acting suspicious is also not death, but apparently a woman in the first article believes it is:
“An officer doesn’t have xray vision,” wrote Jennifer Hall, of Robertsville, Missouri. “He can’t tell if you have weapon or not until searched. So you act in a suspicious manner, we know what the consequences are.”
Seriously? If your white son was caught jaywalking and mouthing off, and was shot dead for it, that would be OK? Because we know what the consequences are for acting suspicious, right? Or is it that those people are lawless. Those people are criminals. Those people deserve to be treated with suspicion and executed if they step out of line? And those people just happen to be black?

We all set this fire. We need to own up to that.

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