Thursday, August 21, 2008

Three or Four Problems

So, with just two weeks of distance, I'm rereading and editing. I've read the whole thing again. The last half certainly goes smoother than the first. I wonder if I'll be able to fix that. Other than that, I've fixed the easy problems, hopefully, writing a new scene in the process, and now I have three major problems left. One is a relatively simple problem of characters not behaving in a way that makes sense (failing to realize or know things they should, for the sake of a piece of dialog I wanted to have-- classic darling killing required). Two are more difficult, in that they involve things which are mentioned, but then don't get the air time they need in the story, basically a couple of themes which are shortchanged. That's going to be troublesome to fix, and it also probably means more happening, rather than less.

Can I get this done by the end of the week as planned? Stay tuned...

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